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Our Objectives and Purposes

  1. To inculcate in graduates a sense of national consciousness and public spiritedness

  2. To enable graduates, and graduate organizations, to organize themselves at a national level for the purpose of providing leadership to society

  3. To provide facilities whereby overseas returned graduates and local graduates, and graduate organizations, may co-operate in joint professional, intellectual, social and cultural activities

  4. To endeavour to improve the welfare of all sections of the community

  5. To promote goodwill and co-operation between Singapore and other countries

  6. To undertake research and studies on important national problems

  7. To produce, from time to time, such publications as may be desirable to inform graduates and the general public of the activities of The Alumni and to further its Objectives and Purposes

  8. To organize other projects and activities consistent with these Objectives and Purposes

AIS Presidents (1969 - Present)

  1. Dr Geoffrey Chiam 1969/70 - 1971/72

  2. Mr Kumar Lal 1972/73

  3. Mr Ong Soo Chuan 1973/74 - 1974/75

  4. Dr Charles Ng 1975/76 - 1976/77

  5. Mr John Wong 1977/78

  6. Mr Tan Yu Hot 1978/79

  7. Mr Sam Chong Keen 1979/80

  8. Dr Peter Tay 1980/81 - 1981/82

  9. Mr Leslie Wong 1982/83 - 1983/84

  10. Mr Fan Kai Chang 1984/85 - 1985/86

  11. Professor Brian Lee 1986/87 - 1999/00

  12. Mr Clarence Lim 2000/01 - 2001/02

  13. Ms Monica Wong 2002/03 - 2003/04

  14. Mr Mohan Balagopal 2004/05 - Present

The eight founding members were:

  1. Australian Alumni Singapore

  2. *Law Alumni of Singapore

  3. *University of Singapore Society

  4. American University Club Of Singapore

  5. Japanese Graduate Association of Singapore

  6. Association of Nanyang University Graduates

  7. Oxford and Cambridge Society of Singapore

  8. Hong Kong University Alumni

*(Law Alumni of Singapore later combined with University of Singapore Society to form the National University of Singapore Society)

Committee Members 2011/2012

President - Mr Mohan Balagopal (NUSS)
1st Vice President - Mr Simon Ho (AAS)
2nd Vice President - Mr Charlie Soh (CAS)
Hon Secretary - Ms Angeline Ng (FAS)
Assistant Secretary - Mr Horace Tan (CAS)
Hon Treasurer - Mr Jeffrey Khoo (NUSS)
Assistant Treasurer - Dr Wong Wai Nam (ATUC)

Committee & Council Members
Mr Lee Bon Kwe (ANUG)
Mr Gui Kim Young (ANUG)
Ms Gina Lai (NTUA)
Ms Ng Wee Hia (JUGAS)
Ms Peggy Tan (AAS)

Hon Auditors - Mr Jonathan Khoo (JUGAS) and Mr Elvis Chew (CAS)

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